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Ask Dr. Dario Grisales how to improve and maintain your quality of life from the inside.

Find the best vitamin supplements, organic, natural and with different certifications such as NSF, Halal, Kosher, Nutricert, among others.

Look at this link and find what you need by Clicking on the bottle.

The Best Pain Treatment Product



The story is that in a town in Russia the dwellers use to prepare large pot infusions of this plant and submerge in the warm waters of a full tub giving them a wonderful relaxing feeling. This, mixed with capsaicin in an alcohol base and other aromatic plants makes it ideal to penetrate the skin, evaporating quickly and leaving initially a slight warm sensation coupled with a muscle relaxation feeling. Ideal for joint pain. Works in neuropathic pain because of the capsaicin. Muscle cramps, nocturnal and after exercise. Just spray it freely generously on the skin around the area of pain…let it run without rubbing and let dry before covering with regular clothing. This is not based on CBD or cannabis products. The plants used contain traces of methyl salicylate. Do not use on open skin or mucosa, although anecdotally reported, it has been used during the pustulous phase of shingles with initial intense burning sensation followed by a deep relief. This product is 100% natural. Imported exclusively by Biocell Marketing and Technologies for Pan American Pain Institute.

$35.00 Each


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