Pan American Pain Institute, P.L. is a BBB Accredited Pain Management Clinic in Tampa, FL

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Why Choose Us?

The Reasons Why You Should Contact Us

1 Over 30 years of experience
During this time, we have helped thousands of patients overcome all kind of pain, improving their quality of life. Our goal is to always get the best result and satisfaction in all our patients. There's a reason why we've been in business for so long, with such good results.
2 We take good care of you, from the first minute
At Pan American Pain Institute we care about your health and well being. From the moment you get in contact with us you'll get effective assistance.
3 We offer the most advanced pain treatments and procedures
We have the latest technological advances and medical treatments to treat your pain.
4 Our medical staff is always learning, and improving
We don't get the best results by doing the same everyday. We understand that the key to success is continuous education and training. Our greatest satisfaction is to serve you efficiently and help you live a quality life.


  • "I am so grateful I met you!"

    I've been seeing Dr Grisales for 11 years now, and I have to say that he is the kindest, most compassionate and caring doctor I've ever met. I never feel rushed or hurried with him. He always takes appropriate amount of time to make sure he has helped me with everything that I need and his staff are also super friendly and helpful as well. I'm always recommending his office to my friends, family and even strangers because I truly believe in him as a physician

    Tiffany Filippini
  • "I am very happy that I found Dr. Grisales to take care of me."

    I have been coming to see Dr. Grisales for the last two years he is a nice and compassionate man, he sit with you listen and explain what he believes the problem is and the best course of action to take. The office staff is absolutely wonderful.

    Mayra Chirino Francisco
  • "I would highly recommend this practice!"

    Doctor Grisales is very knowledgeable, kind and empathetic - and funny too by the way! He spends a lot of time listening to his patients and providing multiple options to treat people's pain. Great staff and great service.

    Greg Perrott
  • "Dr. G is the most caring Dr. I have ever been to!"

    I have been going to him for 10 years and I will never go to anyone els . He is knowledgeable and truly gets down to the root of the problem To help you ! He has been my angle during the hardest times of my life . His assistant Harold is just as sweet and hardworking as him . They make an amazing team . He is there to answer any questions and make sure everything runs as fast and smooth as possible!

    Morgan Ravindran
  • "Outstanding, superb, compassionate pain management physician"

    Outstanding, superb, compassionate pain management physician and Dr. Harold and staff. Gives patients all the time they need. Just does NOT write pain medications. Offers options and if he cannot treat you, he refers you to the very best physicians or professionals in our area or beyond. His patients are his No. 1 priority! Tom and I have referred many friends to him. The only reason some couldn't go would be their insurance. I can write a best selling book about Dr. Grisales. Many years ago in the hospital, he saved Tom's life, in Tom's opinion. That is why we are with him...

    Sylvia Wilmer Bergstrom Huddleston
  • "Dr. G. has given my mom her her life back!!"

    My mom broke her back in the Army and has suffered in more pain than I can imagine for 35 years. Nothing worked. Dr. G. has given her her life back!! He is an amazing doctor. He and the office staff are friendly and always take the time to be personable, it's not just about business with them.

    Dolly Kauionalani Reynolds-Dolce

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