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Adriana Grisales


Why are you in healthcare?

  • Numerous members of my extended family are in the Healthcare field. I have worked in the healthcare field since 1995. I developed an interest early on in the science of medicine and compassion to improve the healthcare of our nation.

What do you love most about your job?

  • The gratitude that I receive from a provider when I have helped them to improve the care they are able to deliver to their patients by making their practice a more streamlined business.

Best career advice you’ve ever received?

  • Speak up and join the conversation. If you do not let it be known what you are looking for professionally, then the position that you want may be given to someone else that has shown their eagerness.

Favorite charities or causes?

  • I believe that all children should be cared for and loved no matter how short or long their lives may be. Any charity that works to make sure their lives are filled with warmth, love and fun are ones that I want to work with and be a part of.

You’re off the clock. Where can we find you?

  • I love to take the boat to a remote island to relax on the beach without any electronic devices. I also enjoy scuba driving, spear fishing, running and reading a good book.

Bucket list top 3?

  • Travel through Europe
  • Scuba drive in the Caribbean as many times as humanly possible!
  • See the pyramids in Egypt

Vanilla or Chocolate?

  • Seriously. Both! Depends on my mood.

Dinner with any 3 people?

  • Queen Elizabeth I
  • Sheryl Sandberg
  • Princess Diana

Favorite quote?

  • “Only do what your heart tells you” – Princess Diana

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